4 Easy Tips for Promoting Your CTE Program

4 Easy Tips for Promoting Your CTE Program

Get Your Students’ Attention: It’s Easier Than You Think!

We all know getting your students’ attention has never been easy… And it’s only getting harder with screens constantly grabbing their attention. So, why don’t we use technology to our advantage?

I’d like to propose some simple, effective, and easily implemented marketing techniques that will help you spread the word to your students about your amazing CTE programs!

So, how do you get the word out? I’ve got 4 Easy Tips for you to try out!

1. Use Social Media

Why not get your students’ attention through a platform they already understand and use?

You can Tweet about student successes, recent competitions, or anything you want to promote. Using social media is much easier than you think! You can learn simple techniques, like using hashtags, or you can even ask your students about current trends. Students will notice your efforts, I promise.

Lots of FREE training is available to you if you feel like you need help with social media. If you’re not sure where to start, reach out to me on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. I’m happy to help you get started, and I don’t charge a thing for consultations!

Social media can be used to considerably amplify my next three tips.

2. Utilize Your School Counselors

Your school counselors know what they’re doing. They know exactly how to support your program and help promote it directly to your students. They can help you reach more students who would join your program if they had the right information, whether they’re a guidance counselor or a career counselor.

School counselors focus on the one, and perhaps that’s their greatest asset. You can’t do this on your own, despite your best efforts.

3. Find Free Advertising

Take a quick glance at the submissions section of your local newspaper, radio station, or news station. Trust me, these guys are constantly looking for local news stories they can produce.

There are two things to keep in mind when you consider free advertising:

  1. It does take a bit of courage on your part to be interviewed by a news reporter about your new CTE program.
  2. You’re reaching out to parents when you’re leveraging things like this. However, if you can convince the parents, they too can focus on the one student who would join your program if they had the encouragement they needed.

4. Get Help From Local Entrepreneurs

Think about this one for a minute.

How many entrepreneurs in your community are former students? I’m willing to bet most of them know how to advertise!

In my experience, most people want to help and give back, especially if they’re giving back to an organization that helped them launch their careers. If your CTE program is new, local entrepreneurs who are thinking ahead about their own future workforce would still benefit.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think of my list? Did I miss anything that has worked for you in the past? I’d love to hear what you would add and get any feedback you have for me.

If you’re not sure how to get started, or if you’re not sure what kind of news story your local radio stations would be interested in, connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. I’d love to help you out!

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