ANNOUNCEMENT: Stukent Launching Email Marketing Simulation

When I say email marketing, what comes to mind? The first word that comes to my mind is, “SPAM!” The truth is, not all email marketing is spam. At Stukent, we know that email marketing still has its place in the list of most effective ways to market a business online.  For that reason, I am elated to announce that Stukent is about to release the first live version of the email marketing simulation as part of the Stukent RealDeal simulation.

Email Marketing Simulation
Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing. Think about it. Before the web as we know it existed, with browsers like Internet Explorer and Chrome, all the internet was was a place to send messages to one another via email. The first “viral marketing” online was via email. Look at how fast companies like Hotmail grew. They exploded like wildfire through viral emails. It was, and still is, very simple to share information via email.
In the email marketing simulation Stukent students will gain experience doing the following:
  • building out email campaigns
  • writing email copy
  • selecting the proper email elements and layout
  • matching email messages to the best email list/audience
  • crafting and analyzing calls to action to improve conversion rates
  • maximizing email open rates
  • wording an rewording to test email subject lines to maximize email open rates

That last one may not seem very important at first glance. Email subject lines? How important could those 10-30 characters in an email subject line really be?  Well, rather than explain it all myself, I am going to share some research that was done by the guys over at MailChimp. Stay tuned for my next post and be ready to learn email marketing the right way with the Stukent RealDeal Email Marketing Simulation.

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